Art Specifier Build Your Brand - 5 Hour Session

Art Specifier Build Your Brand - 5 Hour Session

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Book a 5 Hour Consultation with the founder of Art Specifier, Joyce Creiger. More intensive and thorough than the 1-session, this consultation really analyzes shortfalls of your brand and where and how you can improve upon. We cover the following: 

  • Who you are as an artist
  • Your current tactics into self promotion
  • Where you are struggling and prospering, analyze the where and why of why you are struggling where you are and flourishing where you are
  • Discussing immediate avenues you can take to help grow your business now
  • How to Market and Sell Your Work
  • How to Successfully Network as an Introvert
  • Social Media Tips
  • And More!

How it Works

Purchase the 5-Hour Consultation with Joyce. Once purchased, you will be contacted to find the best availability for your consultation.

About Joyce Creiger

Joyce Creiger studied fine art at Boston University, the DeCordova Museum, the Danforth Museum and from private teachers including David Campbell, BU Professor Jewell, Dottie Krause, Mary Taylor, Ron Brûlée and others. She was a founding member of the Danforth Art Museum and currently runs a thriving art rental business, BostonArtRentals. 

In her downtime she spreads her love of art through art classes and art lectures. Joyce is also a mother of three and grandmother of nine. Her experience with children has prepared her well for her teaching endeavors!